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Marijuana Myths

At least 40 states in America have legalized Marijuana by 2019 July. Some of the myths Marijuana will be discussed in this article as we try to debunk them and you can read more here. One of the common myths about marijuana usage is that it kills brain cells. The misconception that marijuana usually kills brain cells is false as doctors have not undertaken any research that shows this and no studies have shown that marijuana is bad for the brain.

Many people have believed the myth that marijuana causes cancer. There is need to note that smoking is not good for the body and it can lead to cancer. Even with this knowledge it is important to note that no cancer has been linked to being caused by marijuana smoking.

Many people usually consider marijuana as a getaway drug that can be used to lead people down to the drain of drug abuse. According to research there is no science that backs the link between marijuana usage and other drug usages. It is important to note that a majority of people who use marijuana do not use other types of drug.

A majority of people consider medical marijuana a scam. For a majority of people there is no link between medicinal and medical benefits of using marijuana as it is considered that it is just a way of trying to make an illegal substance legal. You should take note that there are medical benefits that are associated with the use of marijuana. In fact marijuana is scientifically proven to help in treating physical and mental health conditions.

One other misconceptions that people have about using marijuana is that it is quite addictive. It is true that you can be addicted to smoking and using marijuana, but when you compare it to drugs such as alcohol you cannot classify as a highly addictive substance.

Some people have the misconception that using marijuana is harmless for them. It is important to note that there are risks associated with the use of marijuana for example as mentioned before any kind of smoking can lead to lung cancer and when you heavily rely on its usage you can end up being addicted it is actually dangerous to operate machinery when you are under the influence.

There are many people who consider secrets people who use marijuana are lazy this is a common misconception. It is important to note that there are many successful people who use marijuana.

When you are using marijuana it can kill you and this is quite a common misconception. When you use marijuana in a safe environment then it is safe for you. The use of marijuana is also associated with higher crime rates. There is no data that shows the correlation between crime and marijuana usage.